About Chey

Chey Barnes’ expertise is in the Telecom and Streaming Media Communications industries. She is Cisco-certified and held N.A.S.D. Series 7 and 13 Licenses.

Chey has lived in South Florida the majority of her life. She is an accomplished artist, gardener and chef. Her hobbies include boating and sports. She is the mother of two girls.

Chey volunteers her time at Feeding America and Feeding South Florida food distribution centers. She is an active member at South Palm Church, where she is a participant in the Video Production Team, Baptism Team and Good Samaritan Growth Group.

Her novel, Microchip: the Agenda is Now recently received the Silver Medal in the Best Christian Fiction category of Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards.

Professional Editorial Reviews

"I think this should be a required reading just as George Orwell's 1984 used to be when I was in high school. This is a newer version of Big Brother."
Reader's Favorite
Chey Barnes weaves an intelligent tale, where humanity stands on a precipice. With extensive research, Barnes brings truths to the average citizen. I will certainly look for the sequel if one is in the making!
The Readers Review
"Interesting characters and rising tension."
Publishers Weekly
"Barnes information is presented very thoroughly and she ties her theories together quite nicely."
Fresh Fiction
"Microchip is the must read novel of this decade."
Tammy Kling New York Times Bestselling Author

The Aftermath of Snowden And Its Effect On The Free Press

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

Shortly after Edward Snowden released a series of exposés that revealed Internet surveillance programs such as PRISM, XKeyscore and Tempora, Read more

Fed buying up mortgage backed securities

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

I reported on November 5th 2013 that the Fed is buying US Treasury Bonds and mortgage-backed securities. A mortgage backed security is a type of asset-backed security that is secured by a mortgage, or more commonly a collection of sometimes hundreds of mortgages in a portfolio. Hopefully the Fed is doing better due diligence than FANNIE and FREDDIE did when they backed all those bogus portfolios between the years of 2003 – 2005, right before the real estate crash. Read more

Concern over Australian GM Wheat

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

New GMO concerns have risen over CSIRO-developed genetically modified wheat. Professor Jack Heinemann of the University of Canterbury, NZ, and Associate Professor Judy Carman, a biochemist at Flinders University, released their expert scientific opinions on the safety of CSIRO’s GM wheat and expressed concern that it could lead to adverse health issues, affecting energy storage and liver function along with the potential to silence DNA sequences in humans. Read more

Dodd Frank Changes

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

There were some recent additions to the Dodd Frank rules that specify that the ratio of the median employee annual total compensation to the CEO annual total compensation must be disclosed. This is a double edged sword; investors would like to know how much the CEO is making in comparison to the average employee. Such transparency helps in making decisions regarding the integrity of the company one might consider investing in. Read more


In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

I would like to take the opportunity on this Veterans Day to thank all the brave men and women that have fought for our freedom throughout history. Heroes one and all. Read more

Federal Reserve’s Current Spending Spree

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

The Federal Reserve has been on a spending spree as of late.  What are they buying you might wonder? U.S. Treasury bonds, and there is no sign of them letting up.They currently are spending $85 billion dollars a month in low interest rate Treasury bonds and mortgage backed securities. These bonds now make up about 94% of the Feds portfolio. Read more

NSA Protest on October 26th, 2013

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

The people of our great nation were shocked when it was discovered that our own government was spying on us. Thanks to Edward Snowden, it is now known that the NSA tracks our phone calls, our Internet browsing history, our emails, our contacts list, our instant messaging, and our text messages. He also uncovered that the NSA works with professional hackers to gain access to accounts and crack encryption codes going as far as targeting the TOR network a global system that helps millions of activist, journalist and whistleblowers Read more

Healthcare Website Bungles

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

Our brilliant Obama Administration hired a Canadian tech firm to design and implement the glitch-ridden United States national health care exchange site healthcare.gov. CGI Federal is a subsidiary of Montreal-based CGI Group which since 2009 the Obama administration has showered it with $1.4 billion in federal contracts, according to USAspending.gov. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services awarded CGI $55.7 million to launch Healthcare.gov, its central Obamacare health exchange website. Read more

Worldwide Monsanto Protest (October 12th, 2013)

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

I participated in the worldwide March Against Monsanto that took place on 10-12-13 and was interviewed by channel 25 News: Read more

Federal Reserve Practices

In Blog By Chey Barnes / February 22, 2017

Once the central bankers took away the power of the US Treasury to print money and replaced it with a consortium of private banks, we were doomed. They’ve replaced gold as the primary means of international trade between governments and central banks, replacing it with a global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund which created a system of 'Special Drawing Rights’ based on a basket Read more